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Hello from Gaming in Turkey. This week we will talk about Global Game Jam 2017 and Gaming İstanbul Fair. GGJ 2017 – Global Game Jam 2017 held at different points in Turkey between January 20 – 22nd. The event, which has been held since 2009 in Turkey too, realized at the same time in different centers of the world as well as in Turkey this year. Global Game Jam 2017 was in Istanbul, Aydin University, Özyeğin University, Yıldız Technical University and Bahçeşehir BUG, Jamevi and Ege University in Izmir, Hacettepe and ODTU Atom in Ankara and finally Malatya İnönü University. At the GGJ, participants came together to build a playable game within 48 hours. Let us share with you organization participants and developed game numbers from Turkey.


Global Game Jam 2017

  • 9 Organization 614 Participants 144 Games
  • Jamevi – 15 Participants – Number of Developed Games 2
  • GGJ Hacettepe – 34 Participants – Number of Developed Games 12
  • GGJ Istanbul @BUG – 137 Participants – Number of Developed Games 44
  • GGJ @ Ozyegin University – 20 Participants – Number of Developed Games 4
  • GGJ Istanbul Aydın – 34 Participants – Number of Developed Games 11
  • GGJ Malatya – 109 Participants – Number of Developed Games 8
  • GGJ EGE – 102 Participants – Number of Developed Games 11
  • GGJ ATOM – 160 Participants – Number of Developed Games 51
  • GGJ ITU – 3 Participants – Number of Developed Games 1

Turkey is developing country in games and in near future, global titles will start to published from us. We will follow updates and give news from Turkish developers.

Gaming Istanbul

One another subject is Gaming İstanbul which will be held second time and will be on January 2 -5th. We will also be there as a speaker one of the game ceminars about “Final ring in marketing evolution: Games”, our Founder Mr. Ozan Aydemir will talk and make a presentation about gaming in February 3rdh 16.30 – 17.30. In addition to this, there are several ceminars after opening speeches.

Gaming Istanbul

Gaming Istanbul

February 2nd, Game Industry and Law, Game Industry and Governmental Supports, Incubation Centers in Turkey, Investor Forum.

February 3rd, Being Indie in Turkey, Starting to your Gaming Career: Education, Gamification: Turning work into game, game into work.

February 4th, Monetization, VR in Turkey; Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow…, E-sports, What is Influencer Marketing? What is not?, usic, Sound Design and Copyright in Games, Investment, Merger and Acquisitions in Gaming Industry, How Woman Are Changing the Gaming Industry.

Top game companies and technology firms will attend Gaming İstanbul this year to show their products and participate B2B hall to meet with new opportunities. There will be also game tournaments, especially Blizzard allows Nvidia to make its original game title tournaments in Gist with Aral Game like Overwatch, Heroes of The Storm and Diablo.

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