Guardians of The Games and Brands! We haven’t been able to share with you the innovations about ourselves for a long time. Of course, aside from the intensity of periodic and long-term projects with our brands, we left behind a process in which we renewed ourselves. Our adventure, which started in the last months of 2015, now continues globally and grows day by day. In this long journey that we started as Gaming in TURKEY | MENA | EU Gaming and Esports Agency, our name is Gaming In Turkey | MENA | EU from now on. While we continue with our Gaming and Esports Agency identity, we are also stepping into another field in which we are experts as a New Generation Game Publisher. So, what kind of changes have we experienced in the last period, let’s share some of the latest news from us.


Gaming In Turkey | MENA | EU V2
First of all, we started from our infrastructure, that is, from our website. We said goodbye to our old site, which served us for 7 years and left us with great memories, and switched to a much more modern and much more useful design. We have rearranged our page structures by listening to feedback from our partners and customers. We have developed our portfolio for you to examine our works and projects more closely, and we have prepared our special Turkey Game Market Reports page for you to easily access our reports. We have made our service packages and contents much more understandable and accessible. Now you can easily access all the details and presentations with one click. We have simplified the ways for brands to step into the Metaverse World, making every step a presentation. Of course, apart from all these, we created our universe visually through the Metaverse world. Of course, there is a long story and reason behind this. Let’s explain it a little bit. Let’s start with our positioning.


Gaming In Turkey | MENA | EU Positioning
Gaming Agency | Esports Agency
New Generation Game Publisher
As you know, we have acted as an agency for the last 7 years and we continue to do so. While we provide 360-Degree marketing services to game companies that want to enter Turkey and the Middle East and want to grow in these regions, we also offer game and esports-specific agency services to giant brands such as Coca-Cola and Türk Telekom. In the next period, while all these services continue with our growing team, we are now starting to publish games with a publisher identity ourselves. You can find all the details about this on our current publishing page; Game Publisher 

Again, we have renewed our logo, which has served us from the very beginning, suitable for today without changing its main lines.

Guardians of The Games and Brands


Gaming In Turkey | MENA | EU Our Motto
Yes, we now simply call ourselves “Guardians of Games and Brands”. The main reasons why we as a team go for such a positioning are actually quite simple. To be able to express ourselves, to act in accordance with the principles of proper working and ethical rules for years, and our priority is not to make money, but to add value to our brands and partners with successful works. Yes now “We are the Guardians of Games and Brands”

Guardians of The Games and Brands


Gaming In Turkey | MENA | EU Our Characters, Our Mascot and Our World 
Of course, we wanted to embellish all this as befits the word Metaverse and really fill it up. In other words, creating our own universe. We don’t just want to keep it visually on the website, but in the long run, all our characters, our world, our mascot will perhaps be a part of our games. This is our dream. First of all, we started by creating a mascot that would suit us. We worked really hard on it and took great care to have something different to represent us. We filtered ideas through a lot of experimenting and drawing.

Guardians of The Games and Brands

After all these thinking and filtering processes, our decision was very clear; Considering our position in the game industry and our working principles, we build a ‘bridge’ between games, players and brands, we are very open to innovation due to the nature of the business, we can keep up with the change due to the nature of the industry, give ideas, are creative, active in social media, can get along well, guide brands and provide solutions. A character that would support this image with certain features had to be created.

Characteristics and Related Physiological Features

  • Adaptable / Adaptable to Most Environments
  • Renewable, Problem Solver / Regeneration
  • Social (good communicator)
  • Searcher – Bridge
  • Player

And in this way, we have revealed our mascot.

Guardians of The Games and Brands


However, we had to have a team, we said, we are the guardians of games and brands. And our heroic protectors emerged, reflecting the characteristics of each of our departments in a way that would be appropriate for the world we will create in the long run. Let’s take a closer look at our heroes, whose stories we will give more information about in the future. We will announce their names very soon.

Guardians of The Games and Brands

Of course, all this is the tip of the iceberg. With all the innovations we will make and the new breakthroughs and partnerships we will announce, as Gaming In Turkey | MENA | EU, we will continue to provide agency services in Turkey, the Middle East and Europe, and we will step into game publishing by 2023. Of course, our work on Metaverse will continue at full speed, we will continue to provide the most accurate guidance to brands and we will always convey the truth we know. (Especially the word Metaverse is important, unfortunately, the concept of “The Other World”, which does not exist now and will not be for a long time, is made by agencies and some people with very mediocre works and brands are misled.)

That’s why we say that; Get ready for our innovations, because;