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Hubogi Hub Of Game Industry


Hello Gaming in Turkey followers. We are celebrating our new website opening, Hubogi. Hubogi has been established by the Gaming Industry Media Center and Game Agency, Gaming in Turkey, which has served many brands and game companies both in Turkey and globally since 2016. Hubogi “Hub of Game Industry” ‘s main aim is bringing together the doyens who gave years to the gaming sector, to provide a news from Turkey and Global gaming business.


Hubogi Hub Of Game Industry




After published 2016 Gaming Sector Report of Turkey, we see that Turkish Gaming Sector is lack of institutional news, analysis, reports from global and Turkish game related companies. Hubogi will follow these topics from whole overworld and Turkey, combine them and extract to Turkish followers. Volunteer writers from gaming business in Turkey participating Hub of Game Industry like Sinan Akkol from Mayadem, Zafer Yılmaz from İninal, Meriç Akyürek from GL Events, İlker Karaş from Dijitalsporlar, Mete Tevetoğlu from Information and Game Law, Ozan Aydemir from Purple Pan, Batuhan Özmen and Uluç Ali Kırangil from Gaming in Turkey.


You will find the most accurate data about the Turkish Game Sector, the most up-to-date news, and sector reports, global investments, analyzes and the most important news of the game industry from all over the world in one and only Hub of Game Industry. We hope that HUBOGİ GAME SECTOR NEWS CENTER will be beneficial to all of Turkey.


Welcome, Hubogi!

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