İncehesap PUBG Tournament! Our new online tournament is starting. The PUBG PC online tournament with a Reward Pool of 50,000 TL, for İncehesap, will again take your breath away. İ PUBG tournament is an award-winning esports tournament where a total of 384 teams will fight fiercely. The tournament will be played as a duo (for 2 people). Participation in the tournament will take place via the computer via the STEAM platform.

İncehesap PUBG Tournament

How will the format of the İncehesap PUBG Tournament be? – Online Tournament

The tournament will last for 4 weeks, the first 3 weeks will be played in the preliminary (group) stages, and the final week will be played with the teams that have achieved success in the groups.

İncehesap PUBG Tournament - Online Tournament - Esports in Turkey

Elimination Stage
Each week, 128 duo teams will participate in the pre-selection phase. Teams will be divided into 4 groups (A, B, C, and D) equally. This stage will continue by repeating a total of 3 weeks and a total of 384 Duo teams will be accepted to the pre-qualifying stage. 8 teams that have collected the most points according to the results of the 3 matches to be played in the group stages will qualify for the weekly pre-qualifying final. Weekly preliminary finals will be played in 3 matches again. The 12 teams with the most points will qualify for the tournament finals. The maps to be played in the pre-selection phase are Erangel, Miramar, and Sanhok, respectively. You can find the scoring table in the tournament system here.

İncehesap PUBG Tournament - Online Tournament - Esports in Turkey

Elimination Stage Calendar

1. Week

  • Registration period / May 12 – May 19
  • Group A and B matches / May 20
  • Group C and D matches / May 21
  • Week 1 group final / May 22

2. Week

  • Registration period / 23 May – 29 May
  • A and B group matches / 30 May
  • C and D group matches / 31 May
  • Week 2 group finale / 1 June

3. Week

  • Registration period / June 2 – June 8
  • Group A and B matches / June 9
  • Group C and D matches / June 10
  • Week 3 group final / June 11

Final Stage The final stage will be started with a total of 36 teams coming from the pre-selection stage. The tournament will be broadcast live on the Twitch channel. Teams will be fighting over 5 matches. The maps to be played are 2 games Erangel, 2 games Miramar, and 1 game Sanhok, respectively.

Final Stage CalenderFinal stage matches / June 14

İncehesap PUBG Tournament - Online Tournament - Esports in Turkey PUBG PC online tournament, which will be sponsored by Nimo TV, AMD, the Asus Republic Of Gamers, XFX, AOC, Corsair, Steelseries, GamePower, T-Force, Zotac, Zyxel, JamesDonkey, will have exciting moments for all gamers. As Gaming in TURKEY | MENA | EU, Gaming and Esports Agency, we will continue to provide the best service to our partner brands from A to Z. We are sure that our online tournament, which we consider to be the finest detail for Incehesap, will be very exciting and successful.