Lord of the Board Mobile Backgammon Game! Spice Up the Traditional Backgammon Game with Lord of the Board Lord of the Board is now completely in Turkish for you to compete with backgammon lovers from all over the world, wherever and whenever you want! Level up and improve yourself while defeating your opponents in the traditional backgammon game.

Thanks to the Lord of the Board, which can be played with a completely Turkish interface for backgammon that appeals to everyone, you can take your place in the world rankings by jumping level while defeating your opponents with your tactics. While playing the game online, you will also be able to socialize with other backgammon lovers and continue your backgammon adventure. Experience backgammon, which is the passion of most people, with Lord of the Board, the most competitive game in the mobile gaming world.

Lord of the Board Mobile Backgammon Game

Lord of the Board Mobile Backgammon Game

Winning and losing are part of every game, as well as part of Lord of the board. At the same time, you can become the star of backgammon by developing strategies to outperform your opponents in this 2000-year-old traditional game. On days when your luck is not on your side, carry yourself to victory with your strategy. Remember, even seconds in backgammon can lead you to victory!

Friend Challenges are on Lord of the Board!

In Lord of the board, the best mobile backgammon game, you can meet backgammon lovers from all over the world and also invite your own friends to challenge. In a game where you will earn bonuses for each friend you invite, challenge your friends to show them who the real star of backgammon is! With the Facebook links provided in the game’s interface, you can see which friends are involved in the world of Lord of the Board, or invite a new friend directly.

At the same time, you can participate in many activities in the game to improve yourself and win many new rewards, including different dice in new levels. Thanks to the Lord of the Board, you can continue your fight in a fair environment. Thanks to the most advanced engines used to make the dice come completely random for all players in the game, you can never predict how many dice will come. You can trust your luck and tactics.

To play Lord of the Board completely free and in Turkish, you can download it right now from the App Store or Play Store.