Mağara Jam 2023 Begins! Turkey’s Game Development Marathon Begins with Mağara Jam ’23! One of Turkey’s leading game development marathons, this year’s event, Mağara Jam’23, will occur between November 16-19. Turkish game developers will push the limits of their creativity for 72 hours in the event, which will have both online and physical spaces. As Gaming in TURKEY | MENA | EU gaming and esports agency, we are looking forward to the event that we support.

Mağara Jam’23, which will take place between November 16-19, is once again calling on Turkey’s most successful game developers. The game development event with the country’s highest participation rate will meet developers physically and online.

While the physical space of the event will take place at StartGate Game Entrepreneurship Center, game developers from all over the country can participate in Mağara Jam online.

Mağara Jam 2023

Mağara Jam 2023 at Startgate!

The Mağara Jam, which took place for the first time in 2020, has organized 5 game development marathons so far. In these events, hundreds of developers pushed the limits of their creativity by developing thousands of different games within the framework of the determined theme and 72 hours.

Growing and developing with each event, Mağara Jam, which started its life as an online game marathon, now continues in physical spaces. The event, which also provided a physical environment for developers in Mağara Jam 4 and Mağara Jam 5, opens its doors at StartGate this year.

See you at StartGate

The physical leg of the Mağara Jam’23 event, which will take place between November 16-19, will take place at StartGate Game Entrepreneurship Center. StartGate, the largest game entrepreneurship center in Europe and the MENA region is located in the Istanbul/Maslak area and hosts promising game studios with more than 50 office rooms. In addition, this game entrepreneurship center, which is built to meet every need of a game developer such as co-working spaces, private work cabins, seminar and event spaces, meeting rooms, music, and game rooms, will host 150 participants during Mağara Jam ’23.


At the end of the event, various prizes will be distributed to support game developers who demonstrate their talent and creativity. These prizes will include office and internship opportunities within StartGate, as well as game development-oriented hardware and software support to help developers in their work.

Mağara Jam’23 will take place between November 16-19. You can register and participate in the event completely free of charge on the Mağara Jam website.