Make-A-Wish And Gaming In Turkey Assembling For Children

Make-A-Wish And Gaming In Turkey Assembling For Children

Make-A-Wish and Gaming in Turkey Assembling For Children Gaming in Turkey became the agency of Make-A-Wish! Gaming in Turkey Gaming & Esports Agency has collaborated with Make-A-Wish (Bir Dilek Tut Derneği), in order to meet the children’s needs in the field of gaming and esports and make their wishes come true. Gaming in Turkey will make children smile with the new projects they will carry out with Make-A-Wish.

The Gaming in Turkey team, which cooperates with many leading national and international brands, wants to reflect their special communication with the rising gamer generation of Turkey on the projects it will carry out with Make-A-Wish.

There are many non-governmental organizations working for children in Turkey, but Make-A-Wish is in a very important position for us,” said Ozan Aydemir, the Founder of Gaming in Turkey Gaming and Esports Agency, who is committed to signing different projects from one another.

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“We worked with TikTok for Make-A-Wish and managed to rise the happiness of 4 children. Now, with different kinds of contents, we also want to shoulder the responsibility and make children happier with the proficiency of gaming and esports of ours.

I don’t doubt that the market we are in will come together for the children. And I hope that we can realize ideas that will increase the happiness of Make-A-Wish children, alleviate the big problems of their small bodies and make them smile with our partners in Tukey”, he expressed his thoughts about this meaningful cooperation.

While fulfilling the dreams of our children, we aim to increase their morale and motivation, make them believe that nothing is impossible in life. We see the increasing interest in the field of esports among our children. We have gamer children also. In this sense, it will be very nice to increase the happiness of our children in order to make wishes come true within the framework of our goals that coincide with Gaming in Turkey,” said Zeynep Ürkün, the General Manager of Make-A-Wish.

The previous campaign with TikTok started in Turkey. In time, projects will grow and be repeated globally with the approval of both companies. The assemble of Make-A-Wish and Gaming in Turkey will expand with the ideas that will be created in the Turkish gaming industry. The ideas that will come out of it will continue to be an example for Make-A-Wish associations that serve the world.

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Ozan Aydemir – Zeynep Ürkün – Damla Pekgöz