Mobile Legends Bang Bang Movie Production; For Turkey’s most-played mobile MOBA game Mobile Legends Bang Bang with more than 2.5 million monthly active players, we have carried out a study that follows the agenda and brings together different and absurd content according to social media trends that our target audience loves and has fun while watching, instead of standard and sometimes self-repetitive influencer marketing efforts. In the first phase, we made it go viral organically by referring to the local elections and mispronouncing names on the country’s agenda with a 4-5 second interstitial. Our second phase started with our main video and we supported it with 360 Degree Marketing. We would like to share with you the story of the production of our movie, which made a lot of noise with its fiction and different scenarios.

Mobile Legends Bang Bang



We worked together with Moonton primarily on all the details of the project. We would like to thank the Moonton family for being with us at every moment, trusting us, and taking the campaign to the next level with their ideas. The trust and comfortable environment they provided us increased the quality of the project. Our main goal in the project was to announce the Mobile Legends Bang Bang game and its prominent features to the players in a different way and remind them that we are with them.

Mobile Legends Bang Bang Movie Production

Mobile Legends Bang Bang Movie Production

At this point, we studied dozens of scripts for the Mobile Legends Bang Bang Movie and chose the most effective one among them. It was very important for us that the script was especially out of the standards. Therefore, we included different details and worked on every frame of the script from the beginning to the end. After our first storyboard work, we quickly moved on to the stage of determining the main cast suitable for the script. Currently, Barış G, a name that almost all gamers love very much with the esports team S2G in the MLBB Esports world, has been agreed with.

Mobile Legends Bang Bang Movie Production

Once the outlines of the script were finished and the casts were selected, together with our director and production team, we determined the most suitable locations and the studio where we would shoot the green box shots. Finally, after arranging the shooting day, there was only one thing left to do – to shoot our movie and to raise it by the date we wanted to release it.

Mobile Legends Bang Bang Movie Production

Our shootings continued for one day, we finished the shootings we started in the morning at night and the next day we started working on details such as post-production and sound mixing.

Mobile Legends Bang Bang Movie Production

As we wrote at the beginning, the success criterion we wanted to achieve with the movie was to announce MLBB, the game with the highest number of active players in Turkey, to both gamers and the general audience. For this, we built our strategy so that our movie would be the foucs point;

  • Teasing the movie and making it go viral (We prepared it exactly according to the concept that was the trend during the election process in our country and it attracted as much attention as our movie)

  • Release of our Mobile Legends Bang Bang Movie and the plan to spread in a natural language simultaneously on media channels
  • Promotion of Mobile Legends Bang Bang game with integrated videos with different influencers and support for the movie
  • Use of digital marketing channels and acquisition of new users with short versions of Mobile Legends Bang Bang Movie.

After very hard teamwork, we realized the whole plan we had in mind exactly as we planned. As such, it was not very difficult to reach the numbers we wanted. What we mean by numbers here is not only the views of our movie or influencer works that we used in the campaign, but also the increase in active users and downloads on MLBB. This also made us happy.

  • Brand: Moonton –  Mobile Legends Bang Bang
  • Main Cast – Influencer: Barış G
  • Agency: Gaming in TURKEY | MENA | EU
  • Scenario: Ozan Aydemir, Cihan Ağagişi, Orhun Erdoğan
  • Production: Cosm.Network
  • Director and DOP: Cefri
  • Executive Producer: Cem Taşkıran
  • Producer: Sezer Bildiren
  • Assistant Producer: Sefa Bildiren
  • First Assistant Director: Buse Baltaoğlu
  • AD Crew: İlke Uysal
  • Production Crew: Melih Lafçı, Furkan Bayrak, İsmet Akın Arı
  • Art Director: Özüdoğru Cici
  • Gaffer: Ali Elifbaş
  • Best Boy: Muzaffer Anıl Bakca
  • Focus Puller: Burak Yıldıran
  • Camera Assistant: Mert Can Durak, Tahir Emre Özder
  • DIT: Sabri Emre Şen
  • Sound: Okan Selçuk
  • Make-Up: Sezgin Mılık, Fatma Özen
  • Cast: Always Casting, Cast Merkezi
  • Voiceover: Dubvoice
  • Voice Artist: Eftelya Orhunbilge
  • Storyboard Artist: Galip Karadeniz
  • Styling: Başak Bilge Kutlu
  • Styling Assistant: Elif Derya Ayçiçeği
  • Music: Uğur Akyürek
  • Post Production and VFX: Cosm.Network

We welcome everyone to the game Bang Bang.