We are proud to announce Perdigital’s partnerships and growing day by day. Hopi, the shopping application started to work with Perdigital. When you go shopping you buy everything with Hopi and it gives you some bonuses named Paracık. You can spend your Paracıks on everything which Hopi made a partnership with. Perdigital now sells its products with Paracık and if you use the Hopi application while online shopping from Perdigital you earn some extra Paracıks. For digital games and steam games Hopi gains up to %20 more Paracıks. In this way, you earn more Paracıks and more games. The biggest bonus system in Turkey Hopi now cooperates with Perdigital to enter the digital world, Perdigital also welcomes Hopi for its digital hub idea. This partnership will continue with some tournaments, shopping campaigns, and collaborations in the future days.


After Hopi, last week Perdigital made one more important partnership. Everybody knows in Turkey and people who made business with Turkey, that football is in the best interest of the Turkish people. One of the best derbies matches Fenerbahçe – Galatasaray included in the Turkish Football League which is sponsored by Spor Toto, has been broadcasted on TVs handled by Digiturk. Perdigital now has a partnership with Digiturk for broadcasting football matches. Every match code is distributed from Perdigital web pages with its fee and fans can buy these epins from the Perdigital web shopping sites and watch their football teams matches in Super League of Turkey. Digiturk once wanted to enter the game business in Turkey with some online games but after some bad experiences, they continued to broadcast business and now collaborate with Perdigital once again to enter the digital world. Who knows, one day maybe Digiturk can enter the game business with Perdigital but now the partnership is only included for match code distribution.

Digiturk and Hopi choose Perdigital to expand their customers and take an eye to gaming customers. Perdigital also expands its digital hub idea without a game or game-related businesses. These collaborations will continue and Gaming In Turkey will support Perdigital with its digital hub journey.