Razer Gold MLBB Online Tournament!  As Gaming in TURKEY | MENA | EU Gaming and Esports Agency, we have completed our second online tournament for our partner Razer Gold. As in our first tournament, we organized our second tournament for MLBB Mobile Legends Bang Bang upon intense demand. You can learn about our first tournament from our previous news.

razer gold mlbb online tournament


razer gold mlbb online tournament

Razer Gold continues to excite its followers and game lovers with monthly online tournaments. The Mobile Legends tournament, which we held in June, was the scene for many players and teams again. We would like to thank our esports team who managed the project from A to Z, from the tournament system, the broadcast stream, and the social media strategy to the management of the tournament operation.

razer gold mlbb online tournament

Tournament Statistics

  • A total of 42 matches were played.
  • The total playing time is 570 minutes.
  • A total of 200 players from 50 teams registered for the tournament.
  • 32 teams and 160 players in total took part in the tournament.
  • 350+ users logged into the Discord address.
  • The BEDEL team completed the tournament in a humble manner.
  • TahaFurkan belongs to the player with the most killing 15.
  • The longest match was played between EZHEL vs BEDEL with 18 minutes.
  • The shortest match was played between BoysofRiver vs MystkHunter with 8 minutes.
  • The total number of employees is 18.
  • Total tournament days 3 (12 with registration times).
razer gold mlbb online tournament

Final Broadcast Statistics

  • The final broadcast lasted 2 hours 26 minutes
  • The average audience was 388.
  • The maximum audience was 763.
  • The unique viewer was 5,958
razer gold mlbb online tournament


  • Total Engagement: 320.000+