Rise Of World Of Warships in Turkey! As you know, Wargaming is a world-famous company and all of its games have achieved great success. World Of Warships is one of them. As Gaming in TURKEY | MENA | EU Gaming and Esports Agency, we are working together with Wargaming since the last quarter of 2019 for the Turkey market. Especially the game we focus on is World Of Warships. First, we asked ourselves the following question; Yes the game is perfect but; With high system requirements and big client size, how could we make it popular in Turkey?

Massive Online Game and Rise Of World Of Warships in Turkey

Based on this question, we determined our strategy;

We decided to increase awareness by making PR and Digital PR. We made the news appear on important game sites and important news sites that were accessible to everyone. By making this regular, we published at least 2 bulletins each month.

We made the presentation videos in Turkish and delivered the content to more players.

On Twitch TV, we proceeded through the impression and let gamers see World Of Warships. We tracked the number of clicks on ads with visibility. We have analyzed how many players clicked to avoid registering and avoid downloading the game.

We made page covers and banner areas by making special agreements with high-traffic game sites. We’ve increased both visibility and traffic.

With the Affiliate Marketing “Cost Per Install / CPI”, we directly focused on the players and checked their retention.

We organized World Of Warships events in selected cities and internet cafes. In the internet cafes where the game was not installed, we installed the game on all computers and gave gifts such as posters, and World Of Warships Wall Clocks to internet cafe owners.

In 2020 we will continue our activities for Wargaming, World Of Warships, and other games. Let’s see how we will develop new projects and see them together.

Not only for Turkey, but our preliminary work also continues in the Middle East.