Rumeli University PUBG Mobile Tournament – Online Tournament! As Gaming in TURKEY | MENA | EU Gaming and Esports Agency, we continue to organize online tournaments and esports organizations for both game companies, brands, and educational institutions. This time, our tournament was the PUBGM DUO Tournament organized on behalf of Rumeli University.

Rumeli University PUBG Mobile Tournament

rumeli university pubg mobile-tournament online tournament

What We Have Done As Gaming in TURKEY | MENA | EU

  • Creation of the tournament website (All visual design, content, and update)
  • Determining tournament template and rules
  • Social Media Content Plan
  • Social Media Announcement Images
  • Live Broadcast Templates
  • Determination of awards
  • Creating the tournament registration platform
  • Creating promotional images for tournament registration and distribution on social media
  • Receiving records
  • Creating the tournament rule set and adding it to the site
  • Creating a match schedule according to the records
  • Creating the match schedule announcement visual
  • Announcement of the match calendar (Tournament platform + Social Media)
  • Checking Discord channel
  • Calculation of points between matches
  • Making recording checks before the match starts
  • Updating the tournament system for score sharing at the end of the match
  • Preparing a score visual for sharing on social media at the end of the match
  • Providing player support for players participating in the tournament
  • Management of the online stages of the tournament
  • Determination of the live broadcast platform
  • Creating live broadcast templates for match broadcasts
  • Creating required visuals according to the broadcast platform (dress-up)
  • Live broadcast operation for online stages (Group finals + Tournament final)

The numbers in our online tournament where the fierce struggle was experienced are as follows;

Rumeli University PUBG Mobile Tournament - Online Tournament

Tournament Statistics

  • A total of 27 matches were played.
  • Total game time 810 minutes
  • 702 teams, a total of 1404 players registered for the tournament.
  • A total of 320 teams, and 640 players took part in the tournament.
  • The most kills in a single match belong to the team named “KARAGOZLÜLER” with “14”.
  • The most points accumulated in a match is “68” and “BLACK STORM”
  • Tournament prize pool 10.000 TL worth of D&R Card.
  • The total number of draws is 3 and the prize amount distributed in the lottery is 500 TL worth of D&R Card

Final Broadcast Statistics

  • Broadcast time 3 hours 14 minutes
  • The singular audience was 685
  • The average audience was 68.
  • The maximum audience was 105.
  • Total Views: 2.004

Web Site

  • 16,171 Unique views
  • 10.360 Unique visitors
Rumeli University PUBG Mobile Tournament - Online Tournament

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