New Game Metal Tornado Preparations And Gamex 2017! Hello Gaming in TURKEY | MENA | EU followers, last week we talked about our Gamescom visit which we had more than 30 meetings with representatives of their companies from Europe, India, Asia, and the Middle East. It was a great experience for us, we talked about new opportunities for publishing our mobile games in different regions and new games for the Turkish gaming market. But now we will talk about something different. It’s a new game for Turkey and we started to make its operations and marketing.

New Game Metal Tornado Preparations And Gamex 2017 - 01
Metal Tornado

Metal Tornado is a Chinese company, Moyi developed the game, about Tanks & Helicopters. Its story is different from the real world, the setting is based on like Second World War continues. After the defeat of Germany in 1945, they did not totally vanish, they became stronger because of Alliance oversight, they reunited their strength and we got still war. With this storyline, Metal Tornado brings tank warfare into our homes with its diversity and extensive game world. There will be 30 vehicles at the start of the game and later on with patches it will reach 135 for the first year. Most of the vehicles will be tanks and they will be original tanks according to their countries. There will be 2 modes at the start and with patches, it will reach up to more than 10 modes. We are also planning to add localized modes, vehicles, and maps into the game. We also shared our opinions with the developer to produce Turkish-based vehicles.

New Game Metal Tornado Preparations and GameX 2017! All voiceovers of the game and Turkish translations are done by our experienced team. We worked with our strategic partner music production studio for voice-overs with professional artists. Translations are also held by a team that is dominating the history of World War and Tanks with the game lore. We didn’t start marketing yet but we will participate in GameX 2017 from the 14 – the 17th of September with our game. We are opening a 50m2 stand sponsored by Monster. Our game will be played on Monster laptops and visitors will see the localized MMO-Tank game Metal Tornado first at GameX. After GameX opens, we are planning to start our marketing plan with a tease page and social media. All preparations are nearly ready. After GameX 2017, we will prepare brief news for you, how was it, and reactions about visitors against our new game, Metal Tornado!

See you next week.