TEKFEST ANKARA Game Exhibition! TEKFEST ANKARA is preparing to open the doors of the game and technology festival! TEKFEST ANKARA Technology and Game Festival invite everyone to meet with entertainment and technology at ATO Congresium between 3 and 5 May 2019! “Technology and the game will be at the heart of Turkey”!

The ministries will have the support!

TEKFEST ANKARA plans to bring together technology and game enthusiasts with the support of the ministries, Esports Federation, and all related parties. For the first time in TEKFEST, which will open its doors for the first time this year, the leading companies of the sector, valuable brands of the game world, new technologies, and new ideas will be exhibited and the participants will meet with new technologies and games interactively.

At TEKFEST technology and game festival are to be organized; favorite games, game tournaments, esports-specific activities, influencer meetings, cosplay competitions, drone races, surprise soloists and DJs with Silent Party, and the latest developments in technology are waiting for game lovers.

TEKFEST Ankara Game Exhibition 2019 - 01

The game world will meet in Ankara!

B2C Technology and Games Festival TEKFEST ANKARA, which use technology more effectively and be shared with end users on behalf of current technologies, will be held in Ankara, Turkey’s heart. TEKFEST, which is the candidate to be the biggest festival in Ankara, expects technology and game lovers not only from Ankara but also from other cities. More than 50 thousand visitors are expected to attend the biggest technology and game meeting that will last for 3 days.

For more information about TEKFEST ANKARA Technology and Game Festival which will take place in the exhibition area of about 7,815 square meters, you can follow the details from the website. I www.tekfestankara.com.

If you want to learn more details about participating in the event you can directly contact us to get more information and support. info@gaminginturkey.com

TEKFEST ANKARA Game Exhibition – Technology and Game Festival.

GameX, GIST, TEKFEST… Hopefully, there will be many nice exhibitions like those in our country.

About TEKFEST Ankara

TEKFEST is a B2C technology festival and game exhibition in Turkey, organized in Ankara -the heart of Turkey- with the aim of using technology more effectively and sharing the latest technologies with end users. The primary goal of Ankara’s largest and ONLY festival is to prepare a fertile ground for new ideas by bringing people together through digital developments. For three exciting days, leading companies in the sector will exhibit groundbreaking technologies and new ideas, and the interactive activities of the festival will get the participants and visitors to have close contact with new technologies.

Technology enthusiasts and the young will find the answers to questions about the future of technology and its integration into our lives in this festival, where gamers will have the opportunity to take part in thrilling tournaments, contests, and activities for artificial intelligence and augmented reality, that play a key role in the digitalization of the world and almost started a new era. They will get the chance to experience and learn about these new technologies together with the giants of the digital world.

TEKFEST ANKARA Game Exhibition