Or in our terms;


The Coca-Cola Company is the world’s largest non-alcoholic beverage company with more than 500 beverage types in its portfolio. Its main color is red. And as the Gaming in Turkey Family, we loved this color;

You ask why?

the coca cola company
the coca cola company


As Gaming in Turkey Gaming and Esports Agency, we have been producing different projects for gaming companies and brands in both Turkey and the Middle East for about 6 years. Their success is our happiness and this happiness continues to increase with each passing year.

In December 2020, we added the color red to our happiness and we are proud of it. Believe us, we were in such a busy period that we did not even have the opportunity to announce it. Better late than never. Yes, as we said in the title; We became Coca-Cola’s Gaming and Esports Agency. 


Our Color is Coca-Cola!

As Gaming in Turkey, we are the official gaming and esports agency of Coca-Cola (The Coca-Cola Company) in 25 countries.

Although our company, which was established 6 years ago with 4 people, continues digitally due to the pandemic today, it has now become a huge family. And this team will continue to work and serve Coca-Cola in 25 countries as a team member of Coca-Cola.

Both game companies and brands from different sectors; If you want to produce projects with Coca-Cola, that is, with us, or take part in our different campaigns in the game and esports vertical, just send an e-mail!

Let’s talk about red right away.



You will see it sometimes in the hands of heroes, sometimes in the heart of esports, and sometimes wherever there are players. As soon as you see the red, you will understand that there will be nice surprises waiting for you.