Invest In Turkey With Top 3 Reasons

nvest In Turkey With Top 3 Reasons

Invest in Turkey; In this chapter, we will try to figure out 3 reasons to invest in Turkey. Turkish gaming business has many opportunities but 3 of them are most important. Lets check them and why they are important, explain them for you.



In our blog articles, you can see this topic we mention before. In statistics, Europe’s most young population is in Turkey. Its %16,9 of total population. What will this bring to you? Nearly half of the Turkey’s population are online, %46,8. When you think the number is 80 milliyon, 35 million of them using internet and 12 million of them are young which is between 15 – 19. They are playing games, PC games, mobile games and console. Acording to Newzoo Global Games Market ’16 Report, in near future, Smartphone games are in increasing trend against TV/Console. PC market will protect its share. When you check statistics, you will see that smartphone spreads to young population more but in addition to this, if you are a PC gamer, you don’t quit your desktop so often. So if you want to make a business with your product, you have to  move a country that have young population high, Turkey will be a good choice for invest!


When we check Newzoo’s market report, we saw an important topic. %89.8 of total global game revenues generated by top 20 countries in the world. And 16th is Turkey, what a surprise? No we don’t think so. Because Turkish gamers are spending money in games, casual games, mobile games, PC games. In old days, players trying to reach games from torrents or some other ways which are not legal. But nowadays, original games are cheaper than before and reachable. This is very important. Support systems are developed and with more internet usage, customer support care increased. In addition to PC games, mobile games are using micro transaction and with a less money you enjoy more than 1 month in a single game. When you take attention from your players, its easy them to spend money for you. With 755M dollar game revenue, Turkey is in 16th place in global market which is protecting its place nearly 5 consequent years.


We can say Turkey is an internet cafe country. Over 3.000 internet cafes all around Turkey is meeting with gamers. There are important epin companies which are using internet cafe channel to reach players and also Gaming in Turkey has a big range. In regional base, internet cafe usage is high in Turkey and everyone used and internet cafe to socialize and play with their friends. Every city of Turkey has more than 20 internet cafes average and its important way to reach players. With this way, even its a mobile game, you can spread your product more hastely to your audience and see high user data.

Conclusion; We tried to describe 3 most important reasons to invest in Turkey. Of course there are more than reasons but young population, spent money and reachability are coming forward agains others. If you want to make a business in Turkey, check Gaming in Turkey, we’ll talk about your product and how to reach target audience.

See you in next chapter!