Toyji: Personalized Smart Toy Platform for Fun Learning. Another great news from Turkey. Its an honor for us to make this announcement and support our friends. First of all as Gaming in TURKEY | MENA | EU team, we want to thank you to our friends for such a great idea and product for our children.

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It is an educational gaming platform that combines digital and hands-on play for ages 3+. Its educational games use interactive, customizable and 3D-printable smart toys as game controllers. Toyji is for ages 3+, and it works with iOS and Android devices. Its Universe is a story-driven “virtual pet toy simulator” game, in which you control your characters called Jixies with smart toys to progress in the game by taking care of them, unlocking achievements and leveling up.

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The reason of this product; These days we often end up secluded as we bury our faces in screens displaying entertaining content. In children this often ends up impeding development of language, social, cognitive and motor skills. We wanted to tackle this.

Many families rightly want to balance screen time concerns with the educational benefits of smart devices and Toyji is designed precisely to get this balance right in a way that fits families’ unique schedules and preferences.

How does it help; Toyji’s educational games and tangible gaming technology develop general and curricular knowledge, coding, language and social skills, three-dimensional thinking, motor skills and a solid understanding of concepts like distance, weight and sorting.

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How does Toyji work;

Technology: Our unique portable gaming hardware can detect up to 16 smart toys simultaneously on a tabletop board by sending their ids, positions and rotations in real-time to your tablets via Bluetooth Low Energy technology to play games designed for Toyji with Android and iOS tablets.

Interchangeable Toy Bases: Toyji’s smart toys have interchangeable and mountable bases. Both these toy bases and the pad are battery-operated. Toy bases have shapes designed to accommodate educational games such as coding, sorting and counting. The toy pad and toy bases have two-way communication between one another and the tablet, opening up endless possibilities like toys changing colors.

Smart Toy Customization: You can create your own 3D-printable toys and characters using our toy creator utility and get them 3D-printed and delivered through our interface. Character progression is saved into the toys, so they can be used in other Toyji pads, like when visiting a friend for a play date.

If you want to learn more about great product from Turkey, you can directly visit its webpage And of course dont forget to support from KICKSTARTER page.

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