Turkey; is a crossroads of religions, a huge open-air museum, a bridge between two continents, and one of the most valuable gaming markets in the EMEA region. We started with these words last year, and this year we are keeping the same validity. The game industry in Turkey is still one of the most popular centers of Turkey. This time esports is also in the center of all eyes.

Turkey Game Market 2017 Report - 01

As Gaming in TURKEY | MENA | EU, Game Agency, and Esports Agency, we continue to share with you detailed and accurate information about the Turkish game market. We are delighted to share the new general report that we launched last year with you, even if it is late, working a bit harder this year. You can always contact us for more information.

Turkey Game Market 2017 Report - 02

Overview of the report;

  • Introduction
  • General Definition of Turkish Game Market 2017
  • What is the situation with the Game Market in Turkey?
  • 2016 Turkish Game Market Report
  • 2017 Turkish Game Market Report
  • Gaming in TURKEY | MENA | EU – Gaming Agency – Esports Agency
Turkey Game Market 2017 Report - 03

Details of the report;

  • Internet Users In Turkey 2017
  • Social Media Users In Turkey 2017
  • Mobile Users In Turkey 2017
  • Gamers In Turkey 2017
  • Game Revenues In Turkey 2017
  • PC Game Revenues & Mobile Game Revenues In Turkey 2017
  • Global Rank Of Turkey 2017
  • Biggest Game Companies In Turkey 2017
  • Payment Companies In Turkey 2017
  • Resellers In Turkey 2017
  • Game Associations In Turkey 2017
  • Game Exhibitions In Turkey 2017
  • Academic Programs About Game In Turkey 2017
  • Internet Cafes (Cyber Cafes) In Turkey 2017
  • Esports Media In Turkey 2017
  • Esports Teams In Turkey 2017
  • MEA Region Game Market 2017

Turkish game market continues to grow not only with foreign investors but also with export, esports, brand investments, and game development, especially in 2017. Now the brands are aware of how important it is to reach players and young people with games & esports!

Turkey Game Market 2017 Report - 04

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Turkey Game Market 2017 Report