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Turkey Game Market Report Expert Views Part 5

By managing Joygame’s PR work between 2011 and 2015, we had the opportunity to see the size and potential of the market. Since then, we have been carrying out media communication projects of leading brands of the gaming industry. Nowadays, the PR circle holds much more than media channels. Brands in the market should also deal with creative services such as video creation, event development, marketing, as well as creative content creation and influencer strategies. For this reason, the game market is one of the most colorful markets for PR work. I can tell you that the gaming industry is able to reach its target audience easily through PR studies and digital strategies. However, I believe that the market needs to explain itself deeper, especially in terms of its contribution to our country and brands. If we take into account that Turkey is an important center between the Middle East and Europe, better recognition of the game market and increased investments will have the potential to contribute significantly to the economy of the country. However, the gaming industry, which is in instant communication path to millions of users, is one of the most effective tools for brands to reach their young target audience. The companies that are aware of the market, will take point-shot collaborations with the brands in the game market, and they will make more effective efforts than millions of advertising spending.

We already knew that we live in a country that places the top of the world rankings of consumption on the internet and game market, in social media usage with gamers from all age groups. But the year 2019 has shown us how big a resource we are, not just through the eyes of the gamers, also sectoral clearly. The unstoppable growth of the mobile gaming industry was so effective that hundreds of thousands of software designers, game designers, and artists, have finally found themselves in a world where they can show their talents in Turkey. In the top 10 of the America mobile game market ranking, we have seen at least 2-3 games that have been made by the hands of Turkish creators. As the number of companies that feed, direct and train these teams with large investments and marketing experiences has increased, quality and competition have continued to increase in the same way. We have seen in the early months of 2020 that momentum is determined to maintain its place. As Funpac, we are very happy to be a part of it.

CİHAN AGAİŞİ – Senior Country Manager Wizard Games
The Turkish game market continues to be the market that follows global trends and stands out with its own unique characteristics, reaching larger audiences every day. The market, which has attracted the attention of game publishers and producers from many countries of the world, is now attracting attention with the games it produces and companies globally. I think the market, which improved on a vast scale in 2019, will show faster growth in the following years, along with various games and platforms.

AYŞEGÜL AYDOĞAN – Managing Partner Country Manager GAMELOFT
2019, compared to the last 5 years, was the peak period of the game industry. I can say that the momentum will increase rapidly in 2020. If we look at the rates of mobile usage, the game market has surpassed the entertainment market in terms of both download and active users compared to the previous years. Users in Turkey checks on their mobile phone screen 70 times a day, that means once every 15 minutes. 1 in every 5 people checks on the smartphone in traffic and they spend an average of TRY 7,5 a month on apps. Especially in Gameloft games, this number is approximately 3.5 hours, and I can say that mobile network usage is increasing each passing year compared to Wi-Fi. According to a recent study, 78% of mobile gamers in our country play games from their smartphones. 51.6% of mobile gamers are female users. This makes me proud to be a female leader in the game industry. These numbers also show us how serious the market has become. We will continue to lead the mobile gaming industry as Gameloft in 2020. Cloud gaming, gamification ideas, and distribution solutions will be included in our business models and we will take a more active role in market research with data analysis and case studies that will contribute to the mobile gaming industry. In addition, I think we have brought a loud voice in Turkey and the world with the ESL & Asphalt 9:Legends Vodafone 5G Esports tournament, which we launched in 17 countries during Q4 2019.

2019 was quite a fast year for the mobile gaming market in Turkey, as all around the world. As well as the outstanding achievements of mobile game publishers such as Rollic and Good Job Games, the launch of large and small mobile game studios operating in the hypercasual field from all over Turkey, and the international success of many of these marked 2019. I think that in 2020, the potential in Turkey will be strengthened and new mobile gaming initiatives will emerge, and even the well-established gaming companies operating in different verticals will turn to hypercasual and casual mobile gaming production. In the coming period, while foreign companies that invest not in the potential of talented young people but in prototypes that enter production bands, waste hundreds of seedlings to get fruit. I predict that initiatives that develop the game developer ecosystem outside of the 3 major cities will gain importance. I believe that oFON, which has been founded by Rollic and Tiplay Studio for this purpose, will train game entrepreneurs who will be role models to young people who are committed to the market while accelerating programs and investment funds that will turn talented teams into successful startups will lead the industry. I believe that the hypercasual sector will continue to gain value on a global scale in the medium term with the popularization of mobile esports, the introduction of cloud gaming systems operating with the subscription model and the expansion of hybrid gaming types, and these initiatives will offer great opportunities to Turkey.