A Mobile Game From Turkey, Slidey Has Started A Global Adventure

A Mobile Game From Turkey, Slidey Has Started A Global Adventure

A mobile game from Turkey, Slidey has started a global adventure! Hello, Gaming in Turkey followers. Today we have a news from a Turkish Mobile Game which has featured in Apple Store around 128 countries. It’s an exciting news for us and for Turkey.  Let’s take a look at their press release and have more detail.


A Mobile Game From Turkey, Goes Over Big Globally

Slidey: Block Puzzle Game, a kind of new generation Tetris game, is one of the featured games that Apple Store editors picked to recommend to the users in 154 countries. Besides, it has been promoted with a title ” We love this ingenious puzzler” on the App Store homepage of 128 countries for a week by the Apple Store editors.

Indie game developer Saygın Topatan developed and designed this cute Block Puzzle Game, Narcade, one of the major mobile games companies in Turkey invested and published it in cooperation. After a while, it has aroused the interest of the Apple Store editors and been featured game on the homepages in many countries such as Turkey, Russia, China, Brazil, India, and some Europe countries like the UK, and Germany. Since the users admire Slidey, too, it has reached 150 k users and 4.8 rating in a very short time globally.

It’s, available free for iOS devices, is easy to play hard to master. Thanks to its unique gameplay and authentic hand-made design, it is getting more popularity.  You can install Slidey free on the App Store now, and on Google Play Store soon.

A Mobile Game From Turkey, Slidey Has Started A Global Adventure

Link to Install the Game Slidey

If you want to contact with Slidey’s developer, you can reach him at his email which is saygin@mavisgames.com and Narcade from Co-Founder Metin Demirkol from zippro@gmail.com and Marketing Manager Türkay Önal from turkayonal@gmail.com. We are proud of this kind of news from Turkey. Turkish game developers are increasing and their products liked from global gamers. We will continue to give news from Turkish mobile gaming sector and follow Slidey’s adventure.