Mobile Network Of Turkey Updating To 4.5G

Mobile Network Of Turkey Updating To 4.5G

4th generation mobile network updating, speed increases from 3G to 4.5G at April in Turkey. Why is this important for gamers? Why it is not 4G, its 4.5G? Lets take a close look what is the deal about this update!


Generally 4th generation wireless networks in mobile called 4G. In Turkey, our mobile network is 3G but it will be changed to advanced 4G called LTE Advanced. Standart 4G connection can reach to 100mbps speed, LTE Advanced can reach 300Mbps. So Turkish government decided to use the name 4.5G. Theorically 5G will reach 1000Mbps but it will expand to world at 2020’s. So it seems we will use 4.5G nearly 4 or 5 more years.

Ofcourse while you are searching web, using your mail accounts you can’t understand the exact speed change between 3G and 4.5G but if you use Skype, Factime and other applications, you will use them with high display quality and without tripping. With new generation 4.5G, a new technology is coming, VoLTE which will increase your voice communications quality. It will also effect your call speed.

4.5G will start in April as we said at the beginning. Till 2024 %95 of Turkey will use 4.5G technology as planned. In addition to this, 5G will start to test at 2018 and will start in worldwide at 2020. However, we don’t know when it will be start in Turkey. But after 3G, 4.5G will boost our speed in communications. So lets talk about why 4.5G is important for gamers? With this high speed, we will also download more hastely our games. In Eastern countries, all new mobile games are more than 50mb nearly. Its hard to download such a huge mbs in 3G but with 4.5G, we will download them immedeately. After downloading the game, there are sometimes lots of updates. With high connection it will not a problem.

It seems 4.5G will boost Turkey’s mobile games and lots of new games will enter play stores. So we will see new graphical games, more action, more detail and speed. Its lower then 30 days to enter 4.5G connection speed, don’t forget to set your phone card upgraded to 4.5G in Turkey, otherwise you can’t use this technology.