Hello friends! Months are running, when we look back, nearly 5 months past since Gaming In Turkey established. Turkish Game Industry grows and our eyes on it for you. Come, lets look what happened in there quarter of March;

* 11 March 2016 – Creative Common Turkey presented at Özyeğin University. Creative Commons is a nonprofit organization that enables the sharing and use of creativity and knowledge through free legal tools.

* 15 March 2016  – Atom applications started in ODTU Teknokent. Atom will give developer a common office, software and hardware support, infrastructure. In 7 years Atom, supported 300 games with more than 2 million dollar resource. Last application date is 1 April.

* 16 March 2016 – Turkish VR solution SGGvr created by an automation firm based on Kayseri, Turkey. It will be used in Android and iOS operating systems easily.

* 16 March 2016 – 2 Tons & Garaj created a new event at ITU Çekirdek. Gram Games supported event had presentations from game developers and managers.

* 17 March 2016 – Turkish game studio Pera Games got greenlight their rogue-like game, Overfall. Its about 2 characters, one of them is fighter and other one is priest. Ofcourse after some adventures you reach some other new classes too and they are also playable. Everytime you start game, world created uniquely. We wish good luck or Pera Games with their Overfall journey.

* 18 March 2016 – Casual Connect’s new competition for indie game developers, Indie Prize started to take applications. 31st March is the last day and between 17 – 19 May, competition will be held in Singapur. Indie Prize its not only a competition, also you can show your game, you can participate trainings and meet with game developers with potential partners.

* 19 March 2016 – Google announced new update for Google Play to maximize indie game developers products in GDC 2016. Indie Corner will support Indie game developers games to end users with a new channel. Developers from now on no need to update to add new improvements to their games. Google added Video Recording API to its store API’s, developers can easily add video recording actions to their games and gamers can broadcast their games in Youtube. Google also add Stats API to Play Store and game analysis will be saved 30 days for developers. Game trial version no need to download from now on. Google’s these changes will also boost Turkish Game Industry.

We will continue with industrial updates in our future blogs, stay with Gaming In Turkey!