Turkish Gaming Business Survey From Oyunder

Turkish Gaming Business Survey From Oyunder

Turkish Gaming Business Survey; According to Oyunder Survey Paper, %85 percentage of companies invest in mobile. Gaming in Turkey started a strategical partnership with Oyunder couple of months ago. While Gamescom, OYUNDER published this survey results and we tried to prepare results in infographic style. Lets check Oyunder first, than share numbers from survey and last you can see prepared infographic of Turkish Developer and Game Scene 2016 survey.


OYUNDER is a non-profit association founded for the purpose of supporting & representing the Turkish Game industry. An association made up of independent game developers, in-house publisher, big publishers, producers, owned developers, outsourcing companies, technology businesses and universities. With over 150 members, Oyunder’s vision is to make Turkey renown as one of the most competitive countries in terms of game industry as a part of the global market.

Infographic was published during Gamescom at the end of August. It also supported Turkish gaming companies in Gamescom while meeting with foreign countries about gaming ecosystem in Turkey.

Turkish gaming companies formed of 9 people average and age is 3.41 years old. Game companies working with Unity %79.4 and %23.5 Unreal game engines.

According to Oyunder Survey results, companies developing games for mobile around %85 rate and social platforms around %20,6. Third place goes to consoles with %17,6.Average published game number is 4.5.

One another important part is %44.1 of game companies take governmental support. It seems when we match other internet related startups, gaming sector is getting more governmental support.

We are also sharing OYUNDER’s infographic.

Turkish Gaming Business Survey From Oyunder
Turkish Developer and Game Scene 2016 survey from Oyunder with Gaming in Turkey

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*This article is translated from Webrazzi News about Oyunder’s Survey