Türkiye Game Market 2023 Report! Gaming In Turkey | MENA | EU, as a gaming and esports agency and game publisher, has released the 2023 version of our Turkey Gaming Industry Report, which we have been preparing regularly for the past 7 years. In our 8th report, we believe we have conducted an exhausting yet beautiful work to share all the details about the gaming and esports ecosystem in Turkey with you. The report, which serves as a guide for industry stakeholders, professionals, brands looking to enter the sector, and investors, contains detailed information about the game and gamers.

Türkiye Game Market 2023 Report Turkey Game Market 2023 Report

Türkiye Game Market 2023 Report, which provides detailed data on the gaming, technology, and esports sectors in our country, has been published on the website turkiyeoyunsektoruraporu.com. Sponsored by industry leaders such as Burger King, GAMEON (Türk Telekom), GeForce NOW Powered by Game+, HOST (Hub of Streaming), Lockpick, Popeyes, Portuma, Twitch TV, WePlay Ventures, and XSolla, the report features an in-depth analysis of Turkish gamers and the gaming industry.

The report covers topics such as local game companies, preferred game genres on mobile, console, and PC platforms, Turkish gamers’ purchasing, consumption, and general habits, detailed comparisons of Turkey’s gaming industry data compared to previous years, the esports ecosystem, and investments in the sector. Additionally, valuable representatives from Turkey’s industry professionals and gaming media enrich the report with their insights.

Since 2022, what has changed in the Turkish gaming sector?

According to the data in the Türkiye Game Market 2023 Report, several changes have occurred in the Turkish gaming sector since 2022. As of 2023, there are over 74 million internet users in Turkey. The percentage of internet users to the total population, which was 85% in 2022, has increased to 87.1% in 2023. The number of social media users in our country is around 70 million, and the average time spent on these platforms has decreased by 3 minutes compared to the previous year, recorded at 2 hours and 44 minutes.

The number of active gamers has increased to around 47 million in 2023, with women constituting 45% and men 55% of these gamers. In 2023, the most preferred game genre in the PC category in our country was Shooter/FPS, while casual or everyday games were preferred on mobile devices.

Sektör Profesyonelleri Yorumları ile Türkiye Oyun Sektörü Raporu 2023’te

Türkiye Game Market 2023 Report, published by Gaming In Turkey | MENA | EU, includes comments and opinions from key figures in the industry. It features remarks from Alper Afşin Özdemir, the President of TESFED and the Federation; Fatih Melih Kuzgunkaya, the Brand Partnerships and Project Development Manager at TAB Gıda; Nilay Altan, the Marketing Director of Fixed Services at Türk Telekom; Senem Aksakal, Video Game Designer; Ercan Altuğ, Gamfed Turkey Representative; Afra Çalık, Vice President of the Board of Directors at Technology Gamification and Education Association; Ozan Emrah Ünal, Founder of Portuma; Burak Yılmaz, CEO of WePlay Ventures; Mustafa Cihat Durmuş, CEO of StartGate; İlayda Bayarı, Turkey Country Manager at XSolla; Erdinç İyikul, Turkey Country Manager at Riot Games; Güven Çatak, Director of Bahçeşehir University Game Lab; as well as Ali Baki Duman and Tugay Sakaoğlu, founders of EMBED, a live streaming and tournament organization service, among many other experts. Their insights can be found in the Turkey Gaming Industry Report 2023.

Türkiye Game Market 2023 Report

Additionally, the Turkey Gaming Industry Report 2023 is backed by strong media support this year. Media outlets that are known for their coverage of gaming, technology, and esports news in Turkey, such as 5mid, A’dan Z’ye Espor, Atarita, Başlat Tuşu, Bölüm Sonu Canavarı, BPT Oyun, Disket Kutusu, Donanım Haber, Espor Gazetesi, Espor Times, Flank Esports, Fragtist, FRPNet, Gamer Papers, Gamerbase, Gamizm, Hubogi, İndir.com, Ludenoid, Marketing Türkiye, Mavikol, Misternoob, Mobidictum, OSE, Oyun Dijital, Oyun Günlüğü, PC Hocası, Playerbros, Save Butonu, ShiftDelete, Tamindir.com, Technologic, Technopat, Teknodiot, Türk MMO, Turuncu Levye, Upcorn, and Webtekno, are listed as media sponsors for the report.

The report delves into the events that have shaped the gaming sector in Turkey in 2023, providing general gamer data worldwide and enlightening information about the gaming industry. You can view and download the Turkey Gaming Industry Report 2023 digitally at turkiyeoyunsektoruraporu.com.

All Contents in Our Report
Overview of Türkiye in 2023
Estimated 2023 Media and Advertising Investments in Türkiye
In-Game Advertising is Now a Part of Our Lives – Portuma
Most Used Social Media Platforms in Türkiye
Main Reasons for Social Media Use in Türkiye
Types of Followed Social Media Accounts Followed in Türkiye
Primary Uses of the Internet in Türkiye
Key Considerations About the Internet Use in Türkiye
Preferred Brands in Türkiye 2023 – Phone
Preferred Brands in Türkiye 2023 – Accessories
Preferred Brands in Türkiye 2023 – Gaming Chair
Factors Influencing Purchases in Türkiye
Turkish Mobile Gamer Habits
Android World in Türkiye
Localization in Türkiye
Game and Music
Characteristics of Turkish Gamers
Beverages Consumed by Turkish Gamers While Gaming
Eating Habits of the Turkish Gamers
The State of the Gaming Industry in Türkiye
Important Events in the Gaming Sector in Türkiye in 2023
Investments in the Gaming Industry
The State of Turkish Gaming Startup Ecosystem
Investments in the Gaming Industry – Weplay Ventures Review
Becoming a Unifying Force in the Digital Gaming World – Startgate
TESFED (Turkish Esports Federation)
What Does the Future Hold for Esports? – Embed
Riot Games
The Role of Gamification in Our Lives – Gamfed
Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Gaming Industry – Orkun Işıtmak
Latest Situation in the Cosplay Industry – Melodi Kızılgün
Manga and Anime in Türkiye – Gerekli Şeyler
Protection Of Personal Data In The Gaming Industry – Tevetoğlu Legal
What’s the State of Serious Games in Türkiye – Afra Çalık
Population of Türkiye
Internet Users in Türkiye
Social Media Users in Türkiye
Mobile Users in Türkiye
Number of Gamers and Revenue in Türkiye
Gamers by Platforms in Türkiye
Gamers in Türkiye by Age Group
Gamers by Gender in Türkiye
Gamers by Income in Türkiye
TOP 15 Mobile Games – Free Category Downloads
TOP 15 Mobile Games – Free Category Revenue
TOP 15 Mobile Games – Paid Category Downloads
TOP 15 Mobile Games – Paid Category Revenue
Popular Turkish Mobile Games of 2023
Most Downloaded Mobile Applications in Türkiye
Top-Grossing Mobile Applications in Türkiye
Top Rated PC Games in Türkiye
Top Rated Console Games in Türkiye
Top Rated Game Genres on PC and Console in Türkiye
Turkey’s Position in the World Revenue Ranking
Popular Gaming Companies in Türkiye (Global and Local)
Local Gaming Companies in Türkiye
Direct Consumer Interaction While Earning Revenue from Games – XSolla
Investment Processes for Early-Stage Studios – Weplay Ventures
Top 20 Popular Twitch Streamers in Türkiye
Top 20 Popular YouTube Channels in Türkiye
Top 20 Popular Instagram Influencers in Türkiye
Active Payment Institutions in Türkiye
Active Electronic Money Institutions in Türkiye
Associations in Türkiye
Game Exhibitions in Türkiye
Education Increasingly Needs to Sync With the Industry – Güven Çatak
Game Design Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree Programs in Türkiye
Game Entrepreneurship Centers in Türkiye
Keeping Up with the Dynamic Structure of the Gaming Industry – Senem Aksakal
Professions in the Gaming Industry
Number of Internet Cafes in Türkiye
PC Systems in Internet Cafes in Türkiye
Statistics of Internet Cafes in Türkiye
Most Played Games in Internet Cafes in Türkiye
Breakdown of Internet Cafes in Türkiye
Key Esports Teams in Türkiye
Number of Licensed Players and Teams in Türkiye (TESFED)
Esports Teams That Make Besy Use Of Social Media Best in Türkiye
ON/OFF Esports and Gaming Events Organized in Türkiye
Brands Investing in Esports and Gaming in Türkiye
Esports Games in Türkiye
Key Gaming and Esports Media Channels in Türkiye
Top Online E-Pin Sales Websites in Türkiye (2023 Traffic)
Top Online Gaming Platforms in Türkiye
Gaming Magazines in Türkiye
023 Global Numbers
Expert Opinions