What is XIGNCODE3?

XIGNCODE3 is a “Trustable Anti Hacking Solution for Online Gaming”
XIGNCODE3 Anti-Cheat Program is a great solution for all gaming platforms; PC Online – Mobile (IOS / Android) – Console


Put your game in safe hands!

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Above all; Communication and Support

There are no anti-cheat solutions in the market that can protect 100% against hacks. So what matters the most is how fast you respond to the problem, communicating with partners. For that purpose, XİGNCODE3 Team believes they have the best team, supporting in different native languages such as English, Korean, Japanese and Chinese. Their 350 gaming partners are proof of that.

Anti-Hack Program for Your Games & for Your Pocket

While providing all the necessary protection just like the other competitors, XIGNCODE3 pricing is very much competitive. Normally, the pricing is about 40% less than our competitors from Europe.

Cross-Platform Protection

Gaming companies not only provide PC or Mobile games, but they rather provide cross-platform, meaning that the game can be serviced both PC and mobile. XIGNCODE3 provides all gaming platforms including PC, Mobile (Android / iOS) and Xbox. (PS: Still working on Nintendo and PS)

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Xigncode3, working with game companies that have achieved global success all over the world; In our country, it serves the valuable game companies.

Netmarble Turkey

NTT Game

Why Xigncode3?

  • Supports all gaming platforms in the market
  • Simple and intuitive integration
  • Compatible with all game engines
  • Comprehensive support in different languages(English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean)
  • Over 10 years of experience with more than 300 game titles
Xigncode3 Anti Cheat Gaming Security Solution
Xigncode3 Anti Cheat Gaming Security Solution

Why You Need an Anti-Cheat Solution

  • Maintain a fair gaming environment by preventing hack users in game
  • Cost efficient/Less resources for game developers and publishers to fight against hacks
  • Protecting the in-game ecosystem
  • Stay safe from diluting the value of the game and impacting revenue streams for the publishers

One Anti-Cheat Program To Rule Them All

Xigncode3 offers you unique options in terms of features.

XIGNCODE3 for PC Online Game


  • Hack user OS detections and bans.
  • Detects foreign connections and unauthorized IP bypass blocks.
  • Real time security update application through live game server & game client.
  • Creating new patterns by extracting suspicious logs.
  • Whitelist detection functions.
  • Detection and prevention of various macro input accessories (ex: hardware mouse).
  • Bypass detections using algorithms of “WIN32 API executable code” and “onetime execution codes”.
  • Extraction of real-system ID/block connections using VPN detection functions.
  • Ban list management using XIGNCODE3 Solomon system.
  • Prevention of resource file modification.
  • Enables creation of self-made patterns for real time updates.
  • Multiple client launch prevention.
  • Provides in-house development analytic tools (WCS)
Xigncode3 Anti Cheat Gaming Security Solution

Customize Your Protection

We can customize or add features to meet your specific needs

Xigncode3 Anti Cheat Gaming Security Solution
Xigncode3 Anti Cheat Gaming Security Solution

The Benefit of “UNCHEATER”

  • Provides Independent SDK.
  • Uses instant loading method.
  • Customized function additions are unlimited.
  • Provides optimized resources with minimized admin-rights.

XIGNCODE3 for Mobile Game (Android / iOS)


  • Detects memory modification.
  • Repackaging detection and blocking.
  • Payment module cracking detection.
  • Detection for malware and malicious codes in apps.
  • Rooting process detection.
  • Game client and server bypass prevention.
  • Protection against virtual OS emulators / fake execution environments.
  • Prevents Runtime Library injection.
  • Provides in-house development analytic tools (WCS)
  • Real time CDN update provision.
  • Unity C# code obfuscation tool provision.
Xigncode3 Anti Cheat Gaming Security Solution

XIGNCODE3 for Console Gaming


XIGNCODE3 for console games provides functions such as protection against Radar, Jailbreak and other known cheats on the market.


  • XBOX
  • Nintendo Switch (Working on)
  • Play Station (Working on)
Xigncode3 Anti Cheat Gaming Security Solution
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For All Our Product Lines, We Provide a Monitoring System

You can easily access to a monitoring system, without any further program installations. All tasks related to XIGNCODE3 can be done through this system. We provide statistics reports as well as individual log data. Statistical data is provided in daily, weekly, monthly, quarter and annual formats.

Xigncode3 Anti Cheat Gaming Security Solution
Xigncode3 Anti Cheat Gaming Security Solution
Xigncode3 Anti Cheat Gaming Security Solution