gamescom 2020 Digital Shows Began! The game event, which is eagerly awaited by the whole game world every year and appealing to people of many ages, has started the digital show of gamescom this year! The excitement continues for the show, which will be broadcast at the same time all over the world. Turkey’s Esports and Gaming Agency, Gaming in TURKEY | MENA | EU, and gamescom 2020 under the partnership of viewers will watch the show entirely in Turkish. Among the streamers who will present the show in Turkey are Jahrein, Videoyun, Eren Aktan, Mert Günhan, PintiPanda, toqtir, wtcN, Turgut UC, and Can Sungur.

All donations collected by popular streamers during the show will be donated to the Make a Wish Association as part of the partnership. In this way, viewers who are eagerly awaiting gamescom 2020 in Turkey will be able to support children by donating to watch their favorite show with the presentation of important names from the gaming world.

The show will continue until August 30 and will feature many shows. There will be the Opening Night Live with Geoff Keighley, one of the most watched game shows worldwide last year, and the show that will launch gamescom 2020 on August 27.

gamescom 2020 Shows, Completely Turkish with the Favorite Streamers

Many shows at gamescom 2020 are preparing to enchant the audiences. Among the shows that will take place this year will be Opening Night Live, Daily Show, Awesome Indies, Studio, and Best of Show. All the shows that will be live in Turkish within the scope of the partnership with Gaming in TURKEY | MENA | EU will be reflected on the screens by the popular Turkish streamers.

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