İnceHesap PUBG PC Online Tournament Completed! As Gaming in TURKEY | MENA | EU Gaming and Esports Agency, we completed İnceHesap PUBG PC Online Tournament! The PUBG Duo Online Tournament excitement, which lasted for 32 days, including the registration period, continued for 10 days. In the initial phase, we gave all the details of our online tournament in our first news. Special Tournaments Web Site Design, Social Media Designs, and Social Media Strategy, Operation and Referee Team, Marketing, online esports tournament organization, live broadcasting, streamers, and influencers … We thank our team that successfully managing the entire project from A to Z.

Valuable rewards were distributed.
In addition to the cash awards of 50 thousand TL in our PUBG DUO tournament, which lasted for about a month, valuable gaming equipment was given to the winners at the end of the tournament.
İ presented 200 TL worth of İnce Account Account Vouchers to the teams ranked 9th and 36th. Among the awards of the winning players were the XFX AMD Radeon RX 5700XT THICC III Graphics, ASUS TUF3 5600 XT Graphics Card, AOC C27G1 Monitor, AMD 3600X Processor, James Donkey Monitor, Corsair 16GB RGB Ram, GamePower and SteelSeries Sets.


Those who qualified to compete in the tournament where teams participated via Steam competed according to the determined order. During the first three weeks, group matches were held every week and there were preliminaries. The re-registration period is open every week after the final until the big final and the players are registered. The teams that made it to the finals came up against their rivals for the grand prize in the fourth week. In the tournament where 128 teams competed per week, the participants tried to beat their rivals on Erangel, Sanhok, and Miramar maps. Competing with the sunny map option, the teams went to the finals by winning at the end of each week after fighting as A – B and C – D groups. Participants broadcast their matches live on the platform they wanted, under the title of “İnce Account PUBG DUO Tournament”.

incehesap pubg pc online tournament

ETİGET ESPORTS was the winning team after the fierce fight.

incehesap pubg pc online tournament

PUBG DUO Online Tournament Statistics

  • A total of 50 matches were played.
  • The total playing time lasted 1600 minutes.
  • A total of 1162 teams, and 2362 players registered for the tournament.
  • 384 teams and 768 players in total took part in the tournament.
  • 2000+ users logged into Discord address.
  • 428 support requests created via Discord were answered.
  • The highest score achieved in a group is 52 (by Etiget Esports)
  • The maximum number of manslaughter in match 12. (1907 by Fenerbahce Espor)
  • Total number of employees 20
  • Total tournament days 10 (32 with registration times)

Final Broadcast Statistics of the online tournament

  • The final broadcast lasted 4 hours 51 minutes
  • The average audience was 594.
  • The maximum audience was 975.
  • The unique audience was 13,857
  • Total live views were 25,735
  • Unique 1,146 users wrote a message in the chat.

Raffle Statistics

  • Total number of distributed products: 110
  • Total draws: 16

Engagement in Online Tournament

  • Estimated total reach: 5,000,000+